August 3, 2018


aeroshell_dennis_biela.jpg.希望捕捉第60届芝加哥空气和水秀的令人惊叹的图像?亚博体育资讯然后注册Helix Camera's Tips & Techniques for Taking Great Aviation Photosevent hosted by Aviation Photographer Dennis Biela.

Biela says it doesn't matter what type of camera you have as long as you know the limitations of that camera and take photos that suite the camera's capabilities. For instance, if you are using a phone or a camera with the limited range he suggests "Watch the smoke trails written in the sky. Focus on the interest beyond the little dot in the sky." A perfect act for this isTeam Aeroshell,飞四个T-6 Texans,扔了很多烟雾。丹尼斯建议捕获它们的射击,执行循环并使用烟雾迹线推动兴趣。

BIELA​​指出了一个带有静止道具的螺旋桨驱动的飞机看起来很奇怪。务必使用1/25th至1 / 60th的快门速度来捕获一些道具模糊。此外,考虑平移,而是用飞机捕获一些模糊的背景。

He suggests finding your way to show center to increase your odds of getting a great shot. For the Chicago Air & Water Show that is North Avenue Beach. It offers a great spot to capture the action but can be overcrowded. Another great option is to get up high in a skyscraper to capture a unique view. Check out our亚博体育资讯芝加哥空气展查看指南一些其他建议。


Dennis has been photographing airplanes for most of his career. His father made him a deal in High School that he would fund any flying lessons his son wanted if he agreed to wait until after graduation to drive, sounds like a great deal to me. He went on to earn his license and has ratings in gliders and hot air balloons. His work has been published in Smithsonian's Air & Space magazine and EAA's Sport Aviation. He embedded with the Blue Angels a few years back and is finalizing a book comprised of photos from this experience. CheckDennis Biela out on Instagramto see some of his great work!


肖恩D. Tucker.'s Last Solo Appearance in Chicago

oracle1.jpg如果你needed another reason to attend the 60th Annual Chicago Air & Water Show we have a bittersweet one for you. Sean D. Tucker, considered by many to be the best stunt pilot, will be making his final Chicago Air & Water Show appearances as a solo performer at this year's show.

Tucker告诉ksbw 8记者Felix Cortez"I'm retiring as an extreme hard-charging hair on fire solo aerobatic pilot". He will wow the Chicago Air Show Attendees with his thrilling performance in his Oracle Challenger III, an airplane that is now slated to go on display in the Smithsonian's We All Fly exhibit opening in 2021.

Although we will miss seeing his dazzling solo performances we were relieved to hear he will still be flying in the airshow circuits but instead in group performances with other pilots. He said "I want to start doing a baller in the sky with other airplanes. I want to dance the waltz and make it exciting." That was good news to use his joy of aviation is contagious.

He has performed over 1,300 performances and surely inspired generations of pilots through those flights. After he performs at the Chicago Air and Water Show he makes his way to show center where he can often be found shaking hands with fans of all ages.

I have met him several times and cannot think of a better aviation ambassador than Sean D. Tucker. Don't miss your last chance to see Sean D. Tucker fly the Oracle Challenger 3 in Chicago. Check out ourUltimate Guide to the Chicago Air and Water Show有关该节目的更多信息。

肖恩d tucker.



Each year about this time I start to receive many requests from friends and family and through for tips on where to watch the Chicago Air & Water Show. Here I share my suggestions for the best places to watch the Chicago Air & Water Show. I have my thoughts on many of the popular viewing spots on the map to the right.

每年Airshow粉丝迁移到湖岸,看各种民用和军事行为的标题行为2018 Chicago Air & Water Showwill be the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.

We always suggest if you are looking for a way to take in the show without being shoulder to shoulder with a million fellow Chicagoans, then check out the practice day on Friday. The teams will perform their entire show during their Friday dry run.


The best way to view the show is from a place where you will have an unobstructed view of the entire show. The only real way to do that is from a boat on Lake Michigan. If you are one of the lucky few that own a boat or know a friend that does that is surely one of the best ways to get a clear view of the action. If you don't own and can't mooch a ride you can always pay to take a cruise. Check out the Mystic Blue options for亚博体育资讯芝加哥空气和水秀游轮

Airshow中心是北大道海滩。飞行团队将用它作为他们节目的中心点。如果他们有循环或交叉模式,这就是它将发生的地方。结果,这是一个非常受欢迎的观看秀的地方,所以期望有很大的人群,你需要提前到达,以便在海滩上找到一个地方。如果您想享受从Show Center查看展会的兴奋,而且希望确保您有一个坐下的地方查看特殊优惠Castaways

Altitude, Altitude, Altitude
We are talking about an airshow (well, also a water show but who are we fooling?) so altitude makes a difference. A rooftop deck or balcony located near the center of the show action and above neighboring buildings provides a great way to watch the show. The challenge here is that typically you need to share that space with a lot of other interested parties.

虽然我从未尝试过,但我听说有些人建议参观John Hancock Chicago's Observatory。I can imagine those spots will be crowded too but must provide an interesting view of the show. I highly recommend the Hancock over the Willis tower this year with the exclusion of many of the jet teams which needed more airspace to maneuver and often circled past the Willis tower.

A Blanket On the Lakefront
Most people view the show from a blanket on a beach or a spot along the lakefront. I used to suggest heading north to Diversey or Montrose Harbor where you could have had a great view while also avoiding much of the crowd. This year I recommend getting as close to show center as possible.

What are the boundaries of the airshow? That is tough to say as many of the planes fly up from Gary International Airport so you will spot planes well south of the Show. My personal recommendation is to find a spot to watch the show that is no further south than Northerly Island and no further north than Montrose Harbor (displayed in the map to the right). I would try to be as far east as you can get (those in boats will win in this category) with the westernmost point being Halsted. You can, of course, see and enjoy the action from outside this area but you will be seeing the fringe portion of the show and not taking in its full excitement.

Gary International Airport
Most of the performance teams are based out of Gary International Airport for the Chicago Air & Water Show. For those in Indiana and well south of the city this has become a popular place to see the planes. Although you won't see a true airshow performance you will see the planes leaving and arriving, and flying in formation.

Chicago'sWBBM 780.空气和水秀的现场直播。如果你are not a die-hard aviation enthusiast or have a certified plane spotter with you I always suggest bringing along a radio so you can hear from the broadcast team what it is you are looking at flying by. If you are at show center there are speakers from which you can listen to Airshow MC Herb Hunter but that can often be a challenge over the roar of the planes so a personal radio is highly recommended.


如果你have a favorite place to view the Air & Water Show and are not afraid to share it and I will add the best suggestions to the guide. For more information check out our亚博体育资讯芝加哥空气展Ultimate Guide




然后飞机前往加里国际机场的航空和水秀媒体日。三个平民行为繁忙的一天繁忙的一天,即将媒体的成员进行航班,包括T-6 T-6 Texans的努力,肖恩Tucker在雅库-52s中的额外300岁和队的浮桥上飞行。

I had the honor of flying withTeam Aerostarsthis afternoon. Their team consists of three pilots and their aircraft. Our flight of three departed the Gary International Aiport in formation and made our way out over the lake where we split up so the pilots could demonstrate loops, barrel rolls and a half cuban. I never tire of doing aerobatics.




The weather forecast is looking sketchy for Saturday. My recommendation is to get out on Friday if you can, when there are fewer crowds, otherwise plan for Sunday. Check out myviewing guide for tips on where to watch the Air & Water Show from.

2016 Chicago Air & Water Show

August 4, 2015

Breitling Jet Team to Make Their Chicago Air & Water Show Debut

breitling_jet_team_亚博体育资讯chicago_air_water_show.jpg.jpg.TheBreitling Jet Team已经在全球范围内为惊人的观众表演了。Breitling Jet Team在2015年,他们将首次在北美的天空中表演,包括他们在芝加哥空气展中的第一次表演。亚博体育资讯

七名男子队被认为是世界上最大的民用射流特技飞行团队。飞行捷克建造的L-39C Albatros军用飞机培训师能够超过450英里/小时的速度,飞行员将以精确的特技飞行刺激人群。飞行员在其表现期间可以体验到8GS,他们称之为无缝协调的芭蕾舞,展示其航空钟表中发现的相同的同步性。他们的目标是促进飞往公众的奇迹。

TheL-39奥巴尔多斯在我心中抱着一个特殊的地方。几年后,我有机会飞行L-39并进行各种特技机动(查看我的L-39飞行经验)。这两个座椅飞机是性能,美学和可靠性的极好混合。我一直觉得L-39是在地上和空中看起来一架滑雪。Breitling Jet Team通过一个美丽的衣服来看看新的水平,这意味着将飞机在表现期间享受。

airshow_ad.jpgI would expect this team's performance to be one of the crowd favorites that will easily rival any other civilian performance ever seen at the Chicago Air and Water Show.

Please be sure to check out all of our 2015 Chicago Air and Water Show coverage. We have updated our芝加哥空气展的终极指南亚博体育资讯和也更新了我们的亚博体育资讯芝加哥空气展Viewing Guide。请在推特上关注我们@亚博娱乐myflightblog.for updates from media day and throughout the show.

August 14, 2014

Dreams Take Flight at Chicago Air and Water Show

airshow_ad.jpgThe亚博体育资讯芝加哥空气展is back for another year and better than before. In 2013 the annual airshow, the largest free airshow in the country, was missing the fire power of the military acts as a result of sequestration. The return of military acts seems to have sparked greater interest in this year's show. Today at the media day for the event there was nearly double the media participation from 2013 and more than I have seen in the eight years I have covered the show.

肖恩D. Tucker.那a 20 year veteran of the show, said that this year he has seen bigger crowds at many of the shows he has performed at. Maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder. Anyone that works or lives in the Chicagoland area no doubt learned today that the U.S. Navy Blue Angels are back, and I am sure they will help draw record crowds. They made several appearances over the city today as they made their spot checks in advance of Friday's practice performance and the two weekend demonstrations.

New to the Chicago Air & Water Show
团队Aerodynamix本周末正在制作第一家芝加哥空气和水景。亚博体育资讯一直在一起十多年的球队目前是世界上最大的有效期球队,拥有12架飞机。它们飞行各种型号的RV KITPLANES,包括RV-4,RV-7,RV-8和RV-8A变型。大多数飞行员都建造了他们将在的飞机建造。您可能会错误地认为,作为家庭建造的飞机,它们不会非常复杂,但这似乎远离真相。

I had the opportunity to fly with them today and the RV-4 I flew in was equipped with a Glass Cockpit and Synthetic Vision. A few minutes in this sporty little airplane and I realized why you see so many each year at AirVenture. It is an airplane that seemsvery fun。The team treated us to a sampling of their tight formation flying over the backdrop of the Chicago Skyline. I look forward to seeing their 15 minute demonstration this weekend.

Rosie the Riveter and the Blue Angels
blue_angles_rosie.jpg有一些整洁的幕后故事the media day event. One of which was 96-year-old Isabelle Settle, who played a Rosie the Riveter role, during World War II. As a 4'10" woman she was assigned the role of riveting wings and other tight spaces of C-54 Skymaster's at the Douglas Aircraft Company in Chicago. She has had a lifelong interest in aviation and airplanes.

今天,她和她78岁的妹妹IDA是嘉宾U.S. Navy Blue Angels。其中几名飞行员包括指挥官托马斯弗罗斯克花了伊莎贝尔的时间谈论她在二战中的角色,并真正感谢她的服务,并呈现由整个团队签署的框架海报。亚博官网在与蓝色天使的飞行员成员见面后,将她带到了飞机并谈到了他们所做的工作,以维持由团队飞行的F / A-18的舰队。亚博官网Isabelle喜欢与团队分享一些她的故事的机会。

Young Eagle Over Chicago
seantucker_young_eagles.jpg.While the Blue Angels were celebrating 96-year-old Isabelle, 17-year-old Malik Baker was running across the Gary Jet Center tarmac trying to secure a signature that would let him complete a dream experience of his own. Baker, a rising Junior in the JROTC program at Chicago Military Academy one an essay contest to receive a Young Eagles flight experience of a lifetime. A few minutes after I spotted him running off in search of his mother he returned with the necessary Young Eagles paperwork.

年轻的老鹰队,由此创立实验飞机协会,旨在让儿童在8到17岁之间的机会在一般的航空飞机上经历飞行,同时教育儿童航空。亚博官网2013年,Stunt Pilot Sean D. Tucker被选为自1992年以来一直挥动超过44,000名年轻的鹰航班的组织主席。在那种丰富的历史中,从来没有一只年轻的老鹰飞行则伴随着美国海军蓝天队的飞行。Sean Tucker已安排沿着芝加哥湖畔飞行Malik Baker,其中蓝色天使护送。亚博体育资讯之后,肖恩把贝克带到了一个练习区,他让他飞机飞机,走过各种各样的特技机动。马里克评论了他的经历“我爱它,我亚博官网永远不会忘记这一天。”

The Young Eagles offer flight experiences throughout the country, you can learn more on theEAA Website

living_the_dream.jpg.It was another great Chicago Air & Water Show media day for me as well. I enjoyed flying the Archer III from Chicago Executive along the lakefront early this morning to participate in the event. Shortly after I arrived at Gary International the Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) was put in place along the lakefront to clear the airspace for the airshow performers. So after the show with the TFR still in place I needed to fly West of Gary and go north along the west side of O'hare. I of course did not perform any aerobatics flying back in the Archer, but I spent some time thinking about how blessed I am to be a pilot and have the opportunity to enjoy aviation.

Just over 10 years ago I decided to make my dream of flying a reality and earned my pilots license. Along they way I have enjoyed some amazing aviation adventures. All of which I never would have experienced if I had not been so moved by aviation at a young age that forged that dream in me. I hope if you are in the Chicago area you will come out to the Chicago Air & Water Show this weekend, bring your kids, neighbors or friends. You never know it just might inspire the next pilot!



2014_chicago_air_water_show.jpgThe 2014 Chicago Air & Water Show roars back to life this week. The 56th Chicago Air & Water Show will feature the return of military acts that missed last year's show due to sequestration. Crowd favorites theU.S. Navy Blue Angels将是标题法案,由此支持美国陆军金骑士那U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor and MV-22 Osprey. Although the military performances get much of the attention, the Chicago Air & Water Show has another stellar line-up of civilian performers and teams including肖恩D. Tucker.Team AeroshellChuck Aaron和红牛直升机Team Aerostars和Warbird Heritage博物馆基金会A-4 Skyhawk。

New to the Chicago Air & Water Show in 2014 is Team AeroDynamix, the largest aerobatic team in the world flying 12 RV-8, RV-7, and RV-8a kitplanes. We are scheduled to fly with them on Thursday and will share some photos and videos later in the week.


chicagoairwatershowguideCTA.jpgWhenever large crowds congregate it typically means you can expect slower than usual data connections for your smartphones. This year AT&T is planning to make sure the tweets, instagrams and Facebook posts of the millions enjoying the show can be shared with millions more. AT&T is testing a temporary antenna to boost signal in the area so your messages don't time out.Dnainfo的Paul Biasco报道称,美国电话电报公司(AT&T)安装一个18-beam优质德国勒ns Antenna last week in preparation for the Chicago Air & Water Show. "It's the first time they have deployed the device anywhere in the country to combat what they call the 'look at me' or 'look where I am' effects."

虽然,如果你真的想捕捉芝加哥空气和水的景点,我们推荐这件事亚博体育资讯airshow photography guide帮助您从活动中充分利用您的照片。

Check throughout the week for updates or follow us onTwitterfor updates during the week!



TeamAerostars.jpg航空冒险经历了计划和计划生的品种,如我最近的航班所示。自2005年以来,我每年8月都覆盖了MyFlightBlog和其他一些媒体网点的芝加哥亚博体育资讯空气和水展,但在所有那些年里,我从未在加里国际机场飞往活动亚博娱乐。所以一位俱乐部会员和朋友,路易斯(来自天空条件清晰), decided we would make a day of it by flying down in the Leading Edge Archer, then enjoy talking and flying with some of the acts for the Chicago Air & Water Show then finish the day logging more time in the Archer.

On a perfect VFR Thursday morning we preflighted the airplane then launched Eastbound from Chicago Executive. Once over the lakeshore we turned south and enjoyed a beautiful view of Chicago as the sun shined on the windows of the skyscrapers. I elected to pick-up flight following for the trip down the lakefront but despite the great weather I believe they only notified us of one other aircraft that was taking advantage of this beautiful VFR day. The flight down was uneventful but enjoyable. We taxied down to Gary Jet Center where we parked the Piper Archer right next to Team Aeroshell's four T-6 Texans.


在遇到Harvey Meek的团队领先之后不久就在那里Team Aerostars,基于本地的有气阶级的特技团队,尽管12年来虽然存在,但芝加哥空气展首次亮相。亚博体育资讯我与一名团队成员发言,导致节目和知道路易斯和我是飞行员,他确保了我们,他会在他们的飞机上让我们了解他们的团队和牦牛-52s的表现。亚博官网从来没有飞过牦牛-52,我渴望看看。

We conducted a brief flight briefing where we discussed the mission objectives which was to fly along the lakefront to Chicago so a Reuters photographer could take some shots of a Team Aerostars airplane with the city skyline as a backdrop. After that we would return to the airspace West of Gary for a brief aerobatic demonstration.

Sitting backseat in Harvey's aircraft he informed me he would let me take the controls shortly after the flight and lead the flight up the lakefront. True to his word, as we exited the Gary airspace Harvey gave me airplane. It was an easy plane to fly, and felt quite responsive. After achieving a successful photo run, including这镜头featuring Harvey and I and the Chicago skyline, we headed back South to get inverted.

Back near Gary where there is more airspace for aerobatics Harvey helped me experience the aerobatic performance of the Yak-52 through a series of maneuvers including loops, barrel rolls and a Cuban Eight. After my flight Louis got to take a backseat for his flight with Team Aerostars. As fun as the flying was we equally enjoyed getting to meet the Team Aerostars pilots and their support staff. We learned that the all fly commercially by day, aerobatics on the weekends and several of them even live in fly-in communities, pure aviators at heart. By all accounts it was a successful day full of aviation adventure, little did we know how much more adventure we had ahead.

Unplanned Adventure
Archer_Tire.jpg.After the airplanes were all tied down or put to rest in the hangers and it was clear there were no more rides to be had or aircraft to ogle at, we fired up the Archer III. Louis would be the Pilot in Command for the return flight. Our plan was to visit a small uncontrolled airport nearby for a few landings then go VFR over the top of Midway then fly south and east of O'hare then come up the from the south to the north on the west side of the O'Hare airsapce on our way back to Chicago Executive.

After four near perfect landings (video does not lie) 在Bult领域由船长鲍尔斯我们开始最后的出租车回到跑道的尽头,为芝加哥高管返回航班。亚博体育资讯靠近跑道的结束路易斯询问我是否感到震撼,我没有。他说他在舵踏板中感到振动,然后拉动并迅速做出了我们吹过轮胎的正确评估。在一个很好的气动气制之例,路易斯立即停止飞机,并在滑行道上闭上了。在刀片确定后,我拿出来并确认我们有一个左主轮胎。路易斯正忙着试图确定发生的事情,而我开始怀疑世界上要做什么来获得飞机回来,或者让自己回到芝加哥,因为它出现在这个困倦的机场很少的支持。亚博体育资讯

We made a few calls and learned that there in fact was a mechanic based at the field that is typically there usually three to four days a week. So walked nearly a mile (5,000 feet) down the runway to the Hangar were we were told we might find him. As we approached two gentleman in the limited baggage space of a Cessna 152, they hoped out of their existing project to hear our plight and quickly offered to help. Randy, the owner of Aircraft Professionals, took his tug out to examine the wounded bird. Shortly after he returned with the great news that he believe he would be able to change out the tire, right there on the taxiway.

He and his partner loaded up a truck and a golf cart and we drove back to the plane to get to work. This was my first experience with a flat so it was entertaining to see how it was handled. Randy, propped up the plane and he and his technician removed the wheel pant and wheel. After initial inspection he believed the tire was in great shape and that it was a tear in the tube but promised a more detailed check back at the hangar. We raced a golf cart and an aircraft tug back to the hangar where he confirmed the tire was in great shape and that likely a pebble had been inside the tire rubbing up against the tire tube and it finally broke through causing the flat. Louis was relieved that this was further proof that his landings and taxing skills were not the cause, I never had any such doubts.

Thirty minutes later the new tube was installed, the wheel fairing was replaced and we did an extended taxi to confirm the tire seemed good and balanced. We gave a big thanks to the guys at Aviation Professionals and promised to come visit there field again after such great hospitality. A few hours behind schedule, and with the airplane due for another rental we scrubbed the VFR over Midway and headed back past Gary up along the lakefront where we took in a lovely sunset over the city and watched the lights come on at Soldier Field in advance of a pre-season game.

Returning to Chicago Executive we both agreed that it was a spectacular way to spend the day. We both logged PIC time in the Archer, dual time in the Yak-52, got to perform aerobatics and learned how to handle an unexpected adventure like a flat tire on the taxiway. Aviation adventures are fun no matter what form they come in.

August 14, 2013


All_veteran_parachute_team.jpgJim Cornelison闻名于他在Blackhawks Games的美国国歌的情感演绎将跳跃芝加哥空气和水秀。亚博体育资讯Cornelison将成为全资降落伞队的客人,并加入他们的串联跳伞,以启动第55届芝加哥空气展。亚博体育资讯在上午10点登陆展览中心后,他将唱国国歌。

Jim Cornelison是芝加哥黑鹰的全日制国歌歌手的第五季,自1996年以来,在联合亚博体育资讯中心唱歌的定期出场。他在全国和国际上在歌剧中的一些最大名字在一起,如Plácidodomingo和Zubin Mehta。被称为一个英勇的男高音,用于他的声音的黑色,但能够在一个男高音范围内唱歌,他在许多其他地方唱了波尔多,伦敦,布鲁塞尔和旧金山的歌剧公司。

The All-Veteran Parachute Team, formed two years ago, will be making their亚博体育资讯芝加哥空气展这个周末首次亮相。除了乘坐Cornelison A乘车外面,该团队将在每个节目中进行多次跳跃。每次跳跃都将允许他们展示他们的准确性和精确技能降落在北大道海滩(Show Center)的目标上。


Herwig explains that, "The goal of the team is to give back to the American public for their continual support of our men and women who defend our freedoms each and every day. Every jump is dedicated to every veteran from all branches and all conflicts." The team recently teamed up with Nashville Recording artist杰米·泰特who will sing "I'll Give My All" during one of their jumps each day. Herwig says, "It will bring on goose bumps and raise the hair on your arms, it has been a real crowd pleaser hearing her sing while team leader, Mike Elliott, descends on the crowd with a huge American flag.


Learn more about each of the acts at the 2013 Chicago Air & Water Show in our终极指南展示

August 9, 2013


Harrier.jpg.Think you will miss out on the roar of jets this year at the Chicago Air & Water Show? Think again.艺术纳尔斯计划在2013年芝加哥空气和水秀中飞机飞机,海鹞FA2。亚博体育资讯与我分享我们可以从他的鹞式示范中所期望的。“我的演示与USMC鹞演示略有不同。首先,我有点越来越快。我可以在第一次通行证中容易地达到600多次,这超过700英里/小时。海军陆战队员不会那么快。纽波尔斯继续,“第二,我被许可作为一个有气阶级的飞行员,而海军陆战队则不用。我打算做滚动,古巴8's,4点啤酒卷,以及徘徊。在悬停中,我会备份那go sideways, and pirouette the airplane in the hover. Providing the winds are within very tight limitations, I will also "Bow to the Crowd" which is to point the nose of the airplane toward the crowd, and point the nose down to approximately 45 degrees."

由Hawker-Siddley,嘘海鹞second one ever built and is the oldest surviving one. Those at Show Center will be able to see the V/STOL, Vertical and or Short Take-off and Landing capabilities of this unique aircraft. Nalls is the only person in the world to privately own an airworthy Sea Harrier. A U.S Naval Academy graduate, Nalls logged over 900 hours in the AV-8A variant of the Harrier including over 400 shipboard landings. Nalls is also a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base. He has flight time in approximately 75 different aircraft including the B-52, C-141, C-130, A-7, A-37, T-38, F-4, F-5, F-15, and F-16, and F-18. When the opportunity to own a Sea Harrier came available he jumped at it and has been showing off the aircraft since.

In addition to showing off the performance of the Sea Harrier, Nalls will be bringing a Czechoslovakian Advanced Jet Trainer, the L-39 Albatross to demonstrate as well. He or a fellow pilot, Joe Anderson, will be showing off this aircraft during the show. The L-39 quickly became one of my favorite aircraft when I had the chance to spend an hour with Gauntlet Warbirds (Aurora, IL) in theirL-39 performing aerobatics。Greg MorrisGauntlet Warbirdsexplained, "After entering production in 1972 the L-39 had great success as a jet trainer and light attack aircraft throughout the world, at one point being used by nearly forty air forces. It is still flown by numerous militaries including Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, the Czech Republic, and Egypt." The aircraft has a maximum speed of 490 knots (.8 mach).

Although sequestration will prevent active military aircraft from performing at the 2013亚博体育资讯芝加哥空气展you can still expect to hear a few jets roaring overhead Chicago.

Photo by Ulf Wallen